Dream Garage Finished

Here are the pics of our finished garage after we built our workbenches and added pegboard behind them for more storage.

We stacked all of our leftover wood and tile from the build under and on the storage bench below.

Organized tools, a clock, my husband’s Robin Hood arrows (where he shot one through the other- do you realize how lucky I am that this isn’t over our fireplace mantel in the living room?  Apparently, this is a very big deal).  With space for our special Father’s Day garage surprise underneath.

Snowboards and golfclubs up and out of the way.

Coats and shoes organized by the back door.

Organized shelves that you can actually find stuff on.  The desk was painted and later moved.  It became my sewing desk!

Toys, dance regalia, and pet food neatly organized.

And, finally, one thrilled husband who apparently now thinks that the garage roof and walls require vacuuming!

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