Sunglasses Holder

If your family is anything like our family, the mudroom/ entry/ back door is often a disastrous mess.

Kinda like this.

I mean, it doesn’t look too disastrous actually.  But it’s not user friendly either.  My purse goes here.  My husband’s wallet.  All of our keys, phone, sunglasses, umbrellas apparently…Trust me, you don’t even want to know what else is in that basket.

It was getting to be quite the mess, and we were always losing our sunglasses, which, considering I had always bought 10 dollar ones, wasn’t such a big deal.  But then I bought prescription sunglasses.  And I didn’t want them shoved in a basket with keys and an umbrella.  So basically I was just really grouchy about where they went and who touched them.  Until I found this post on the cool sewing blog Etcetorize.  She made the cutest little sunglasses holder!

What an excellent idea.

So I set to work building one for our house.

First I measured the chunk of wall above the cupboard-by-the-back-door where I wanted it to sit.  Between the thermostat and the edge of the wall.  Cut two pieces of my trusty painter’s drop cloth the size I wanted, and then twisted pieces of twine to make the rows that the sunglasses would slip over (my size worked best with three rows), and then pinned them good sides together and sewed.

Then I added 4 little twine ties at the top so that I could hang the whole thing on a stick.  You can see one of the sunglass “rows” in there.

And here it is finished.

And here it is up on the wall.  Much, much better!

I used a little root twig to tie the twine around.  Stay tuned to see if I get brave enough to hang those Ikea baskets on the wall next to it, or whether they will get moved to make room, for, perhaps, a sisal rope bowl…

The back entry is still a work in progress, but one little step at a time, right?

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