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Junkin’ in the Back 40

Last weekend we went junkin’ as a family.  In the forest behind our house.

Look what we found!!

My husband says this rusty old bucket was used to feed calves.  We stuck one of the glass bottles we found in there as we had so much to carry.

An old kettle, which I love!, and another glass bottle.

Some rusty old buckets.

An old medicine cabinet.  Not sure I can do anything with this, but I’m thinking on it.

And, my favourite, an old bed frame.  We have an outside wall along one side of our house that is quite bare.  I’m thinking I will use this somehow to create some interest and break up that space.

And don’t forget the enamelware pots.  In my colours no less!!  This is the reason we went out junkin’.  My dad had found the little one and brought it to me knowing I would want it for some crazy scheme or another, and then we went out and found the other- along with all the great, old, rusty things!

It was so much fun!  But we have been hearing a cougar out there the last few nights, so I think the junkin’ trips might be over for a little while at least.

Any ideas on what I should do with these things????

Old and New Rock Bank

I showed everyone what our new patio and rock bank looked like last week all finished up.  What I hadn’t gotten to yet was the how of the whole project.

This is our old bank just alongside our driveway to our previous home- our trailer.  It had a collection of plants, mostly sage and wild strawberries, and some trees, and some of our nicest rocks.  Living at a gravel pit has its benefits and we have some really beautiful and gigantic pieces of rock and petrified wood.

We knew when we moved across the yard to our new house that we wanted to take those rocks and move them closer to the house.  And so the heavy lifting began…

We can’t do anything without a cup of coffee, apparently.

At the new house we covered the steep bank in front (created as we had to put a lot of gravel and fill in order to stabilize the ground after we hit water during our first house build attempt) with landscape fabric and then started placing the rocks.

It was soooo much ground to cover!

But eventually we started to get it covered.  Planted a little tree in the corner.  And things started to take shape.

One wheelbarrow full at a time.

Here is the bank covered before we got the patio and the stairs finished.  Those were separate, and also mammoth, tasks.

It’s Fall for Sure

There are always a couple of really clear signs around here that fall has arrived and winter is not long in coming after.

The first is that the leaves turn.  And then, much too quickly, fall.

The second is that the Canada Geese gather, and then leave.

Next year, when we hear them honking, it will be our first sign of spring.  Then, they will live at our lake, with their babies, for the summer.

I always miss them when they’re gone.

Twine Handles

My husband had an old dresser from the 70s.  It was bad.  Bad colour.  Bad handles.  Bad vibes.  I hated it- the entire 7 years it was in our bedroom in its original state.  You see, for as bad as it was, it did have 5 drawers, and when you live in a tiny trailer, you don’t take those sorts of things lightly.  There is no before shot because I like you and I don’t want to scare you.

Two summers ago, I finally painted it and it was a whole new piece of furniture.

This is the way it sat for a couple of years, then, much prettier, but handleless.  Kind of a pain as we keep all sorts of useful things in those drawers still and jamming your fingers in between the drawer and the dresser to pry it open is a less than ideal way of getting in there.

But I couldn’t find any handles I liked.  I mean, I could.  Lovely rustic, vintage ones that cost way too much.  But the cheaper versions?  No.  Thanks.

So finally I made handles.  Out of twine.

I took my lengths of twine and braided them to get the thickness of handle I wanted (that would still fit through the holes, and to be honest, this part wasn’t easy and took a lot of twisting, and cussing, but they eventually all worked).  I worked the ends of the braids into the holes for the hardware and tied a knot inside the drawer.  That’s it!

Then, because some of the little wooden pieces at the bottom were missing (3 out of 4 in fact), I decided to make little buttons to cover up those holes as well.  I just took a little piece of braid and twisted it around to make a little button and then hot glue gunned it on.

So there you have it.  Twine handles and buttons.

And then, because it finally had handles, some decoration!  My rusty banding star.  My coal oil lamp.  An old book.

And a petrified buffalo horn from my Grandpa.

It’s much better now, don’t you think?

Great-Grandma’s Chair

Once upon a time, a girl had a chair.  Her great-grandma’s chair to be exact.

And she loved its shape and size.  But not so much its fabric.

So one day she hauled it out onto the lawn to tear it apart to try and attempt to recover it.

She took many pictures so she would be able to reference how to put it back together.

But when she had it all torn apart, she discovered, to her horror, that the inside was stuffed with straw.  Very old straw.  And that the springs were bent.  At this point, the job became too much for her and she sent the chair off to the professionals.

This is what it looked like after.

Much, much better!  Now the chair can reside in the living room.  Happily ever after.

We just need a fairy godmother to come along and sew a pretty pillow out of that Pendleton remnant…

Jello Makin’ Mama

Our little man had his tonsils out yesterday morning.  The surgery went well and he was the bravest guy!!

So I am spending the next day or so making jello and running popsicles.

He is pretty sore right now, but we are all very happy that we won’t have to deal with strep throat anymore!

We are expecting a growth spurt from this boy once he can start eating again!

Hope you all are having a good week.


Autumn Leaves

We have had a very mild autumn so far.  The nights are just now in the last week or so starting to dip below freezing.  And, so far, we haven’t had snow.  Pretty good for around here.

I thought I would share some pictures of the beautiful leaves.  I wish this time of year would last a little longer.

Luckily, we have a lot of evergreens to get us through until next May when the leaves will come back.

So this is what is has been looking like around our place lately.  What does is look like at your house in the fall?


Twine Letter

My fabric covered wooden letters may go on the list as the shortest lasting craft in history.  I just made them a couple of months ago, and now I have already changed them up.

What do you think?

They went from this

To this

I just wrapped it with twine.  A lot of twin.  A roll in fact, and then some.

I love it.

Have you ever done any crafts that you liked, but then switched right away into something you loved?

Happy weekend, everyone!


My Drive Home

After our son’s football game last weekend, I had the chance to take some pictures of my drive home.  It is something that I enjoy every single day.  It calms me and relaxes me and I am grateful for it.

Check it out to see why.

This is the view from uptown looking down the hill to the mountains.  We live that-a-way.

Heading towards the bridge and the river.

Mountains, river, trestle… what’s not to love?

The mighty North Saskatchewan.

The river then gives way, after a gentle bend, to pastures and hills.  The colours are so pretty in the fall.

The Rockies stay on the western horizon.

Pretty ponies.

Buffalo herd.  Usually closer to the road.  And with babies to look at each spring!

One last look at the mountains before the driveway.

And home.  All in a 2 minute drive out of town.  Rough commute, hey?

I don’t use the word “blessed” very often, but I truly feel that way every day, at least once, on my drive home.  It makes me feel grateful and that often gets me thinking about what else I’m grateful for.  What a great way to end the work day, don’t you think?

What is your drive home like?

Cooking and Blogging

I love Donna Williams and her beautiful, quirky Funky Junk Interiors blog.

Right now, she is doing a 31 day series called Blog to Biz.  It is full of all kinds of useful information on how to turn your interest in blogging into a business.  I am riveted by it.  It is so cool to be in on what someone as successful as Donna has done to make her blog the hit that it is.

But her post on Sunday made me laugh.  It was called “How I Apparently Do It All.”  And she talked about lists and being organized and multi-tasking.

So, I just thought I would share what happens to me when I attempt to multi-task in the form of cooking and blogging.

Cue the smoke detectors, please…

Dangers of Blogging

I am ashamed to say that this has happened on more than one occasion.  And I may or may not have had to throw out ruined pots…

My post should be called “How I Apparently Cannot Do Two Things At Once.”

But I’ll keep trying…

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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