Old and New Rock Bank

I showed everyone what our new patio and rock bank looked like last week all finished up.  What I hadn’t gotten to yet was the how of the whole project.

This is our old bank just alongside our driveway to our previous home- our trailer.  It had a collection of plants, mostly sage and wild strawberries, and some trees, and some of our nicest rocks.  Living at a gravel pit has its benefits and we have some really beautiful and gigantic pieces of rock and petrified wood.

We knew when we moved across the yard to our new house that we wanted to take those rocks and move them closer to the house.  And so the heavy lifting began…

We can’t do anything without a cup of coffee, apparently.

At the new house we covered the steep bank in front (created as we had to put a lot of gravel and fill in order to stabilize the ground after we hit water during our first house build attempt) with landscape fabric and then started placing the rocks.

It was soooo much ground to cover!

But eventually we started to get it covered.  Planted a little tree in the corner.  And things started to take shape.

One wheelbarrow full at a time.

Here is the bank covered before we got the patio and the stairs finished.  Those were separate, and also mammoth, tasks.

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