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Cabin in the Woods

My aunt is one of a few women in my family who has skills with hammers and nails and saws (there is a fine tradition around here of women doing reno’s and completing all manner of projects).  Along with my uncle, they built their log home, and last year, decided to build a little cabin.

Is it not the cutest thing ever??  And of course there are moose antlers on the front.  It’s a cabin!!  I also love the cheery red trim.

Inside is an amazing use of space.

Three levels of bunks built in an L shape into the corner of the cabin.  Cute, cozy little beds with enough room for 6 or more people!  Look at the peeled pine ladder they made.  Rustic goodness.

And in the opposite corner, this adorable little wood burning stove.  She used all of the flat rocks she had been collecting over the years to create the base.  I. Love.

This picture makes me giggle.  I see at least two of the essential items needed for a cabin.

Toilet paper and lots of storage!!  See the shelves above and below the window and the shelves tucked into the corner?  The hooks on the pine paneling?  All good stuff in a cabin.  The wall in between the window and the shelves is being used as a guest book of sorts and they write on it every time they stay out there.  They always put the date and some little catchy phrase to go along with it (XMas Beers!!).

Here is the view from the top bunk.

The best part is, they built it using only the materials they had on hand, including all of the hardware, lumber, and paint.  Over the years (they live on a farm) they had accumulated a lot of this stuff, and they thought building a cabin would be a great way to use it as well as provide them with a little getaway.  The only things they purchased were the windows, door, and little woodburning stove (so cute), and they were all second hand.  It was also built on a skid so it can be moved if they want.

We love this cabin and it gives us lots of ideas for our own little cabin at our lakeside lot.  I love that it is only big enough for beds, heat, and a little table and chairs.

That and those moose antlers on the front!

I would stay here any old day!!

(Always) In Style- Spring Trends 2012

Here are some of the fashion trends to watch for this spring.


Art Deco





I love them all!  But the global influence is definitely my favourite with the white being a close second.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these trends.

Think the snow will melt anytime soon???

Have a fashionable week, everyone!!


Featured Blog on The Sasse Life

I am so happy tonight to be the Featured Blog on my friend Kim’s amazing site The Sasse Life.

Every Sunday she has a great party called The Sunday Social where bloggers get to hook up their blog’s home page.

Everyone then can get to know everyone else!

So fun!

She also gives bloggers a chance to be the Featured Blog just by sending her a photo, a little paragraph, and 5 silly facts.  Easy.

Thanks so much, Kim!

If you are here from The Sunday Social- welcome!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy working on it.


Here is the post:

1.  Follow your hosts (The Kurtz Corner & The Sasse Life) via Google Friend Connect.2. Follow the Featured blog. (Stone and Rose)
2.  Link up your blog’s home page — not a specific link or you will be deleted!
3. Visit at least 2 other blogs and make some friends!
4. Let your friends know by posting this button. The more, the merrier!
The Sasse Life
Featured Blog:
Hey there!  My name is Catherine from Stone and Rose.
I am so excited to be Kim’s Featured Blog today!  I am a high school
English Language Arts teacher and I live in Alberta, close to the Rocky
Mountains, with my husband, son, and a variety of critters- both wild
and somewhat tame.  I love to work on projects (the largest one to date
being the construction of our new home), read good literature, and watch
bad TV.  I have only been blogging since July, but I am good and
thoroughly hooked!  I am constantly amazed by all of the creativity,
humour, ingenuity, and charm of the people out there in the blogging
Some interesting (?) facts about me:
1.I have never been able to touch my toes.  And I am not working too hard on making that happen, either.  Although it was a tad embarrassing in elementary school when everyone else was able to shape themselves into a pretzel
2.I am equally comfortable in jeans and boots or a pencil skirt and heels.
3.The toughest DIY project I’ve had to date (aside from building a house) was scraping a buffalo hide.  Disgusting, monotonous, and physically
demanding labour that ended at the hospital with a family round of
tetanus shots!!
4.I am terrified of heights.  Any and all family hikes conclude with my
husband carrying me back down whatever tiny hill (or roof, or ladder, or
scaffold) I insisted I could climb.
5.I love photography and am learning how to use my new DSLR  But I am
uncomfortable having my own picture taken and usually end up looking
like someone who is either deranged or very angry.
Each week I blog about home projects, fashion, photography, and all things
rustic and vintage.  I would love to have you all stop by and say

Office/ Mudroom Gallery Wall

When you walk in our front door, there is a long sightline through the dining area to the back hallway mudroom.  At the end of the mudroom is our office desk.  I have always been ok with having my desk out in the open.  I didn’t want a separate room to have to take stuff in and out of to deal with.  And I can’t be trusted with closed doors.  Out in the open keeps me on top of things.  And a little neater.  But it definitely needed some dressing up.

The wall was looking too bare and we needed to work on storage solutions that were attractive and functional.  And we need to get the kid off Facebook…but that’s a different post…

Here are some inspiration shots for mural walls that I love.

Why not have more pictures in bathrooms?


My favourites are the ones that combine pictures with other elements like mirrors or maps.  Perfect for a home office area.



Pottery Barn

Pinned Image


Pinned Image




Hopefully mine looks something like these when I’m finished.

Hunting Vintage- Barnwood Frames

We were lucky enough to be able to build our new home a couple of years ago and were even luckier to be able to use vintage barn wood for our flooring.

This is what it looked like unfinished.

And this is what it looked like after the finish went on.

We love it so much. And yes, there is a pumpkin and a Christmas tree in this shot. We just can’t get enough of those holidays around here…

We are also thrilled to be able to have quite a pile of it leftover.

But what to do with it?

First up on my list of DIY projects with this beautiful wood is to make a couple of frames for a map and a pin board for my office gallery wall.

Here’s some inspiration.

I love the tacks on this one.

When I make them, they will probably look more like this one as I’m not going to miter the corners.

And I may or may not add a little bit of paint as well. We will see once they go up on the gallery wall.

I like to change my mind that way.

(Always In) Style- Pencil Skirt

I like to base the (Always In) Style series on clothes that I actually have in my closet (or very close approximations thereof).

The first week it was coloured jeans.

I actually wore an outfit like this that week (Friday is jeans day at my work!). But I forgot to take a picture.

The second week it was ponchos.

This week it is a black pencil skirt. I love my black pencil skirt. It is probably my favourite item in my whole wardrobe. But I usually tend to wear it the same way. With a little shell or blouse and a sweater.

I need to find some alternatives and I like this option with a longer, belted sweater and chunkier jewelry and boots.

Kind of helps to stretch a girl through the long old winter months.

How do you wear your pencil skirt?


Tile Inukshuk

We like Inukshuks around here. An Inukshuk is an Inuit scupture made from stacking rocks into the shape of a person.

It means ‘we were here’.

My brother made one for us that sits by our firepit.

We then took the opportunity to incorporate one of these into our home.

When we built our house, we did a lot of the work. A. lot.

Framing, electrical and plumbing, drywalling, painting, and tiling are some of the huge jobs we (and when I say we I mean that I helped and so did my mom, but really it was my husband who did the bulk of it. You know, we.)

We got an excellent deal on our ceramic floor tile at Home Depot. It was a Canada Day special and we got all the tile we needed for our front entry, back entry, mudroom, and laundry room and three bathrooms for $300. I know. Amazing.

The tile is a lovely neutral colour that is going to stay fine forever. But we did want to jazz it up somehow, and we (there’s that we again) did that by using our sample tiles to create an inukshuk in the open space in our back entry.

Shaun spent many hours with his old friend the tile saw.

Many hours tracing out the shapes and painstakingly trimming them to look like actual stones on the floor.

But I think it was worth it, don’t you?

We had originally been considering much darker tile, so the mosaic really shows up against the lighter ceramic tile.

This is in an opening in the back entry that will never be covered by a rug so it is always on display.

We thought it was a nice way to incorporate Shaun’s culture, art, and craftsmanship into our home.

And it is always a conversation starter! What special elements do you have in your home?

Photography 101- Aperture

Photography is a popular topic right now for a lot of bloggers with new cameras from Christmas, or else, with a New Year’s resolution to actually learn how to take pictures with their DSLRs! Like me.

I found a wonderful series by Aimee on It’s Overflowing! on photography basics, and I am going to follow her along while she takes us through it.

You can find my first photography post here. Today’s photography lesson will be on aperture. You can find Aimee’s lesson here and she gave us an assignment to work on aperture.

Without getting into the really technical parts of it, aperture will control how much light gets into your camera (along with other elements such as ISO and shutter speed).

It is useful to think of aperture when wanting to take pictures with a focal point up front and a blurred background.

Aperture is shown in f-stop on your camera. The lower the aperture, the more light gets in, and the higher the aperture, the less light.

To try and see what aperture does to your pictures, choose a subject and then take the same picture over and over only changing the aperture. On my camera, I will choose A on the dial (so everything except aperture is then on auto) and turn the subdial to change aperture settings.

This is what happens.

Here is f-stop 4.8. See how only what is in the foreground is in focus?

f/5.6- Still blurred in the background.



f/9- getting a little more focused in the background






I highly, highly recommend that you try this exercise if you want to become familiar with aperture and what it can do. Not only will you learn how to adjust the aperture on your camera, but the mysterious numbers will all of a sudden make sense.

Best of all, you will remember it!!!

Have fun trying it out.

Hunting Vintage- Gallery Wall

My next project (or one of them, anyway) is to create a gallery wall by my office desk and computer.  This desk is open and within the mudroom and backdoor area of the house, which is really handy.  Dropping off mail, keys, shoes, boots, backpacks, mitts, toques, scarves, piles of marking, bills, and other assorted detritus from daily life was never so easy and I love that these things don’t make it into my house!


This area is also very visible from the kitchen table, front door, and living room areas at the front of the house.

And while I thought this would really force me into keeping things organized, it does tend to get a little messy looking.

The baskets are Ikea and are meant to be hanging from hooks, not drooping on the desk shelf like that.  Organization is badly needed.  Baskets!

Also needed is something for the wall above the desk area.

It is way too bare.  I like the look of gallery walls around TVs to disguise them, so I’m hoping for the same effect around the gigantic computer screen.  Also, the pin board I made is getting way too used!
And look!  I can never get on the computer!!  Darn teens and their FB!
So I’m looking for ways to incorporate rustic and vintage (or vintage looking) elements to help with organization and create a more finished look.
Like this one.
Architectural Home Office
What a difference the frames make!  And the chalkboard would be so practical.
If I would love to find some of these wire baskets for organization.  Maybe a person could DIY some?
Wire Mesh Wall-Mount Magazine Rack


And I would like to whole wall to have a gallery feel like this.

Daily System - White


Only with mixed elements for a more eclectic look.

I would break it up with items like these.  This is a DIY project I currently have on the go.

Zinc & Jute Round Chalkboard

For the desk, some containers might help corral the mess.

Divided Wood Catch-All

These might too.

Galvanized Metal Pail, Set of 3


And a person can never have too many of these.

Havana Lidded Baskets


I’m also looking to add some of these (we have them, we just need to get them ready to hang).


See them there?  Waaaay at the top?  The pretty white antlers?

The other two elements I want to include for sure consist of a framed map and some typography.


I have a map that needs framing and some other work done on it to make it look vintage (it is brand new) and I have a twine letter that I’m going to relocate here.

I think that will create one killer vintage rustic gallery/ office wall and help me to stay organized in a stylish kind of way!

Once I get on those projects….


(Always In) Style- Poncho

One of my post-Christmas fashion deals is a poncho.  I’ve had many a poncho in my life, from my grandmother’s dress shawls to wear over a dress to the heavy black yarn version I wore in the 90s.

The one I found (Winners again, 20 bucks!) is a soft grayish brown with three stripes of brown and orange and purple on the hem.  Just enough for a little pop of colour, but the whole thing still reads neutral.

Considering it is -20 degrees Celsius here today (that’s -4 in Fahrenheit), with the wind just a blowing, I think that I will get a lot of use out of it.  Even through the spring and summer and fall when I can wear it as a jacket in the evening.  Basically, I hope everyone I know likes it.  Because they are going to be seeing it.  A lot.

Here’s one way to wear a poncho.

Chunky Over Knee SockH&M &Slim JeansCowl-Neck Poncho Khaki - One SizeMAURO GRIFONI Long sleeve sweaterDark Pink Poncho
Here are some other cute options.
There are so many things I am glad are ‘in’ right now.  And this is definitely one of them.  I’ll probably wear mine mostly with jeans and boots, but I may try and push myself to give it a try over a pencil skirt or a longer dress!!
Oh, who am I kidding?  I am almost always freezing, especially at work, and will probably end up wearing it over everything!!
Have a fashionable week!


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