Bathroom Mirror

Our house has three bathrooms.  When we moved in, only one of them had a mirror.  For about a year, I’m embarrassed to admit.  That would be our son’s bathroom.

But eventually, the half bathroom on the main floor got a mirror.  A nice round Ikea mirror.  Lovely.

But it was missing something.

It was missing rope and a rusty something or other to look like it was holding the rope up.

So this is what we did.

And this is what inspired us.

Frame Out A Mirror With Rope

To get this project done, we headed to one of the local new and used shops and found a great, rusty old hook with a bit of chain on it.  When we asked the lovely gentleman who owned the shop how much, he looked at us like we were a little strange and said that if it could be any use to us, we were welcome to take it.

So we bought a couple of giant frames desperately in need of some white paint so that we were buying something.  Here is the hook and chain.

Shaun used a curtain hanger to suspend it from the wall.

Then we went to the hardware store and bought some rope.  They weren’t giving anything away there…

Here is what is looks like after it was all put together.

I love it.

And I can’t wait until my bathroom actually has a mirror, too.

(seriously, I have to put my make-up on in the closet and Shaun has to shave in our son’s bathroom… any ideas on how to make your own medicine cabinet??)

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