The Deer Have Arrived…

If anyone thought I was kidding about the deer eating my garden…here is what happened yesterday.

I got up.  Worked for a little while and then went to finish painting my front doors (a huge and scary project which I finally got the nerve to start and turned out to be not so bad).

As I was walking to my front door, something rather large and brown walked by.  Definitely not one of our dogs.

I ran to the window and this is what I saw.

Just casually eating my pansies.

I ran to grab my camera, but ended up with my phone as it was closer and I was sure they were going to be chased off by the dogs any second.  But they seemed none too concerned.  The dogs.  The deer.  Just me.

This is after I banged on the window.

It managed to look up.  But no bounding away in fear.

He had two little friends with him that were in the trees, too.

I ended up having to go outside and yell and throw a rock at them!  Then they took off at a walk.  I sure showed them.

As they sauntered their way over to my parent’s yard, our dogs finally caught on and chased them away.

Darn deer!  They also ate part of my new mountain ash tree!

It’s like they know which ones you’ve paid for and they are the most appealing and delicious for them.

Do you have pesky varmints in your yard?

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3 responses to “The Deer Have Arrived…

  • Kimberly Bruhn

    Yes, yes, yes…we live in the city limits of a small town in Southern Oregon called Ashland. Terrible problem with deer…they even wanted to do a count of deer in the city…just passed a law prohibiting folks from feeding them (I was at a feed store and they sell Purina Deer Chow…you cannot legislate getting rid of stupidity!) It’s a constant struggle here. Enjoy your blog! BTW, I’m originally from Ontario, Canada.

  • Alana in Canada

    Oh dear! Those dogs sure ere sleeping on the job! Be glad you’re not in Waterton.

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