Advertising and Giveaways


Free Advertising 

Hey there….

I’m new to the blogging world, but I’m very interested in building my readership!  So, if you have a small business or Etsy shop, and are interested in some free advertising – please contact me!

You will receive a 200 x 200 pixel square ad on the right hand side of my blog, which will directly link people to your site.   I’m looking for people who have a business that relates to the home, crafting, clothing, style, art, etc.

As time moves on, and my site builds traffic, I’ll rethink how all of this is working and potentially charge for ad space so now is a good time to get involved!

If interested:

*contact me at:

*attach a 200 x 200 pixel ad

*provide a brief explanation of what your business is

*the url you want me to link the ad to

giveaway donations 

I’m also interested in starting a monthly giveaway to blog followers!

If you have a small online business or Etsy store and would like to donate a small item for the giveaway, I will, in return,  send as much traffic your way as I can.

-I will advertise on the side of my blog for you, at no charge….

-I will feature you once to introduce the giveaway

-I will then be offering reminder posts, mentioning you again….

-Readers will have to become a follower of my blog and a follower of yours (or “like” your facebook page, etc.) in order to enter the draw or contest

-Lastly, I will feature you again, when the “winner” is announced

You, the donator, will be responsible for shipping to the winner (you must specify where you will or won’t ship to prior to contest/draw)

 If interested:

Email me at:


–       a brief description of what you could offer,

–       a link to a picture of the item,

–       and an approximate value of the item,

–       any other pertinent information.

 Thank you so much!

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