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Happy Day

Today was a fun one for me… my book club books arrived!  So exciting!

Another year of good reads and fun get togethers with dear friends to talk about them.

First up for October is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.  We read another of his, Never Let Me Go, a couple of years ago.  It wasn’t my fav (too science fiction-y), but so far, I am loving this new one.  I remember seeing the film with Anthony Hopkins a long time ago and loving it too.

Also on the list, we have Those Who Saved Us, by Jenna Blum, One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (which has been on my to-read list for about the same amount of time), A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah, Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann, Pictures of Perfection, by Reginald Hill, and The Rez Sisters, a modern drama by Tomson Highway, which I already had in my collection.

This is our fourth year of our little group, and we get together at the end of the summer for everyone to suggest books for our monthly meetings.  We try to organize a variety of genres and for sure something funny to read in January/ February when we think the sun will never come back.  It is a good time of year for a comedy…

I love my book club.

Found Treasure

We treasure books around here.  Just ask my brother.  He had to move me from home to university and back for 5 and a half years.  Each year there were more books.  And they are heavy.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to sell any of them (except the yucky science textbooks from those courses I was forced to take as part of my BA.  Just kidding- science is cool- but I really did sell them).

So when we built our house, we knew we wanted a room to house them in.  And read them.  And stare at them.  You can see part of our library here in my post for The Handmade Home on colour choices.  One of the best parts of moving into the house was unearthing all of the books we had stored in my parent’s basement (see yard sale post here).  The tiny trailer we lived in before didn’t allow for a lot of book display.  Like.  None.

When their basement was getting cleaned out, mom found this box of old National Geographics that she had us subscribed to when we were kids.  They are awesome, awesome books.  I remember being so excited when a new one would arrive.  We have had our son subscribed to the NG kid’s magazines since he was tiny- Chirp, Chickadee, and now NG itself.

And here is our son.  Just as interested in them 20 years later.

We love books.

Home Again

Don’t you love how the best part about going away for a few days is coming home again?

Had a really fun little holiday with my mom and aunt.  Shopped.  Went to the beach.


Shopped some more.

Enjoyed the heat.

Back at it now.  Lots of reveals and projects for next week.  Have a great weekend, everyone!



I am leaving tomorrow to go to BC for a few days with my mom.  The boy is off to summer camp for a week and the husband is working nights so it is the perfect time to go.

Hoping to get some heat, some reading, and a little shopping in!

Talk to you Thursday night or Friday.

Have a good week.


Perfect Summer Day

Yesterday was one of those rare days here in the Alberta foothills where you wake up to sunshine (that’s not the unusual part- that happens all the time) and then the sky stays clear.  All.  Day.  Long.  That is unusual.  Our normal pattern is for the clouds to start rolling in right after lunch.  Just after you have made it to the lake.  The kids will be playing.  The cooler is stocked.  Then the wind will kick up.  Blankets and towels will start to blow away.  Everytime a cloud passes under the sun it drops 10 degrees.  Sand gets in your lunch.

But not this day.  It was perfect.  It started hot.  It stayed hot.

This is how it went.

I love to read the newspaper.  It is a treat for me.  Who has the time during a normal workday to read a whole newspaper?  But to read one outside?  With coffee and a bagel?  In the sun?  Heaven.  I bought two!!  Please ignore the landscaping in progress behind the chair.  You can see that I positioned it so that I can.

No.  The dog did not fetch the paper for me.  We live out of town or I’m sure she would have.

After an hour or so of newspaper bliss, we decided to head to our little pond with the dinghy.  Here we are boating around.

Yes.  My son loves Nickelback.  We were the coolest parents in the world last year when we took him to the concert.

There is a little island on the pond.  So pretty.

Then our faithful little dog swam out to meet us.  She needed rescuing.  Yes.  We are buying lifejackets that fit tomorrow.  Including for the dog!!

What better way to finish off the perfect summer day than with a wiener roast?  And a menu written on a rock with a burnt stick.  We are very fancy here in case you haven’t noticed yet…  One of these posts I will give the recipe for Calico Beans.  You will be thanking me for evah!

Our amazing fire pit.  It’s actually the cone out of a gravel crusher.

I feel relaxed and happy.  I am grateful for perfect, special summer days like this.



Aaaaahhhhhh!  I’m paralyzed by indecision!  I think…finally…I’m choosing Chateau or Matala and the name is…(heralding trumpets sound)…Stone and Rose (’cause that’s what my husband liked best and ’cause Rose and Stone was taken).

Yay!  It’s finally started.



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