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The Spirit of Christmas

…is this really great store in Banff that sells, year round, beautiful Christmas ornaments, trees, and decorations.

My husband was a really good sport last weekend and we wandered around in this wonderful place for a good long while.  He thought this one was a little Charlie Brown already.  Hey, why not just start there?

This store is huge with 3 floors and many, many little areas divided into themes and colours.

I love the white feather trees.

And the upside down tree.

And the beautiful silver tree.

But my favourite area, of course, was where we found the rustic tree and decorations.

The skis speak to the Norwegian in me.

I think these little trees could possible be a DIY project in the near future.

Love the Scandinavian St. Nick.

Birds are one of my favourite holiday decorations.  We don’t have them out at other time of year, but at Christmas we do.

This store was so much fun to look around in.  If you ever go to Banff, don’t miss it!

Turning 40

This past weekend marked a pretty big milestone for me- my 40th birthday!

So to celebrate, my husband took me to Banff.

This drive never fails to leave me awestruck.
This is the reserve where my husband’s family is from.  What a view!
And then, the only thing better than the mountains…. mountains and shopping!
I’ll tell you tomorrow how much trouble I got into here.
After a gorgeous drive, fun shopping afternoon, wonderful grown-up sit down meal, soak in the hot springs, and a day with my husband, I am ready for the next 40!

Poetry and Origami in the Rockies

My parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary recently.  To celebrate, we decided to take a family trip to Banff.  But what to do for a present?  What do people who have been married for 40 years need?

There were some great ideas online.  Check out what Beth from Unskinny Boppy made for her parent’s 40th Anniversary.  Very cool.

But I am a total klutz with a hammer and nails, and I wanted to keep my fingers unbroken (at least until our stone retaining build- see post later)!  So I needed to find something else to do.  My sister-in-law finally rescued us by finding a really great site online that does those photographs of objects that look like letters.  So we had one of those made of their last name and matted and framed.  Gorgeous.

I thought I also wanted to make them some origami cranes.  My mom taught elementary school for 30 years, and she always buys the grandkids books.  One she bought our son a while ago told the story of the 1000 paper cranes.  A beautiful, sad story.  At the end of the book, there are instructions on how to make origami cranes.  Cranes mate for life and I thought it would be pretty to make a mobile of cranes for their living room.  My original idea was just two cranes.  Of course it turned into something much bigger.  And trickier.

First of all, I had the hardest time trying to find origami paper.  I could find all kinds that were in small squares, but I wanted them to be big!  After a couple of months of fruitless searching, I decided to try scrap booking paper.  It worked!  So it began.

And since I had all sorts of pretty colours and patterns in the book of paper, I thought why not do one for our whole family?

After all of the cranes were made, the next step involved beads and fishing line.  When doesn’t a craft involve beads and fishing line around here?  They are like our duct tape.

Using a giant needle, I threaded beads onto the bottom and top of each crane.

Then we had to figure out a way to hang them up.  I tried bamboo sticks, but that didn’t work at all.  So we used a metal hoop (usually we use those to make dreamcatchers) and wrapped it with leather lacing.

We tied them on in various lengths for our little family groups- mom and dad first, then my 3, then my brother and his wife and girls.

The good news is that now I can fold an origami crane in less than two minutes.  And using scrap booking paper, no less.  Just think what I could do with real origami paper…

For the anniversary, we all went to Banff for the weekend.  It was beautiful.  We rented a family suite and the kids had so much fun swimming and playing.  We barbecued one night and went out for a nice dinner and had cake the next.  After we got back to the hotel from dinner, our son read them a poem that I wrote for them for their anniversary.  My grandma started the tradition of writing poems for special occasions in our family.  Milestone birthdays, house warmings, reunions.  My aunt wrote one for us in the fall for our housewarming Thanksgiving dinner.  So I wrote one for my wonderful parents on their anniversary.  Here he is reading it.

He did such a good job!

Cake and then off to the water slides again!  As we were driving out of Banff, both my son and my niece asked when we were going back.  No kidding.  Hopefully soon.  Nothing like origami and poetry in the Rockies.


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