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Garage Sign Up

If you have been following along, you know that we have done some pretty big projects around here lately.  The garage workbench, the patio, the rock wall

And some of the smaller projects were interrupted.

Like the signs my son and I made for grandpa and dad for Father’s Day.

Here is one, finally, up on the wall where it belongs, with the tools and the saw blade clock, and the Robin Hood arrows (one shot through the other- my husband would prefer if this was over our fireplace…).

Now we just have to work on getting Grandpa’s up in his garage.

This, and hopefully all of the other unfinished projects in my life, will reach a conclusion, soon.  Here’s to hoping!

Garage Signs

To finish off garage week, I am going to share the projects that my son and I completed for our Father’s Day presents.  Yes- we finished them in August.  Father’s Day is in June.  I got a little behind this year….

We decided to make them signs for their garages since they are always being put to work in them repairing bikes tires, chains, flats, blowing up tubes, cutting wooden swords, doing DIY things for their wives, etc…

We found some images we liked, some lettering we liked, and came up with a slogan we liked and then got to work (after Daddy cut out his own present shape out of some leftover shelving material- an MDF but thicker product- from the house build).

Primed it with plastic primer and then gave it a rough coat of red for the base coat so that they would look antique.

The dog decided to help by walking in the paint lid and then on the garage floor.

Thanks for your help, Poncho.

Next we got out our old trusty overhead projector to trace the graphics and lettering onto the sign.

A few hours of tracing and then painting with craft paint (many layers to look antiqued) and then a layer of Annie Sloan wax (dark and clear mixed) and we were done!

One for Grandpa.

And one for Daddy.  See that one on Monday!  Happy weekend everyone.

My Little Corner of the Garage

After the great garage revamp, I am happy to say that I have a little corner of it to call my own.

Here it is.

You can see I already have 4 projects on the go.  A desk top to be restained, a wine crate insert I’m making a charging station out of, and curio cabinet doors being painted.  The big boxes underneath are our recycling containers for milk containers and cardboard.

I also have these cool shelves beside my work area to keep all of my paint and other supplies.

I love my little craft area.  Wonder what I’m going to do with all those antlers?  Hmmmmm………

Dream Garage Finished

Here are the pics of our finished garage after we built our workbenches and added pegboard behind them for more storage.

We stacked all of our leftover wood and tile from the build under and on the storage bench below.

Organized tools, a clock, my husband’s Robin Hood arrows (where he shot one through the other- do you realize how lucky I am that this isn’t over our fireplace mantel in the living room?  Apparently, this is a very big deal).  With space for our special Father’s Day garage surprise underneath.

Snowboards and golfclubs up and out of the way.

Coats and shoes organized by the back door.

Organized shelves that you can actually find stuff on.  The desk was painted and later moved.  It became my sewing desk!

Toys, dance regalia, and pet food neatly organized.

And, finally, one thrilled husband who apparently now thinks that the garage roof and walls require vacuuming!

Dream Garage Meets Pegboard

If you missed the garage workbench building post, you can find it here.  Once we had the lovely benches built, we realized that the terrible and flimsy shelves we have above them wouldn’t do at all.

Plus, we needed storage for the gazillions of tools that we seem to own.

So off to Home Depot we went, and we picked up 4 big sheets of their pegboard.  We actually brought it home the same day we brought home a load of antique furniture and wood from a day trip to Olds.  Nothing like really doing it all at once, right?

A few pieces of wood on the walls to attach, cut the pegboard to size, and up it goes.  Then the fun part comes with all of the hooks and various attachments you can get to hang up your tools.

See the space under the saw clock?  We left that there for a very late Father’s Day present.  That DIY is coming later this week.

Can I just say how nice it is to have all of this stuff up and off the floor and in a place where we can see it?

See the full finished garage pics tomorrow.

Husband’s Dream Garage

This week is officially going to be garage week at Stone and Rose.  We will start with workbench building DIY and move onto storage and organization, and finally have a post on DIY signs for a dad or grandpa’s garage.

Since we moved into our house last fall, and the school year had started for me, I didn’t have time to organize the way I would have liked, and the garage became a bit of a disaster.  And that’s not good.  A dad has a lot of things to do in a garage.  Bikes and Razers need fixing.  Dog houses need building.  Plans for new wooden swords are left as subtle hints.

It’s hard to get all those important chores done when a guy’s garage looks like this.

My husband designed the garage so that it would fit both vehicles and then have room for a workbench on the side.  By the time we got to building the workbench, I was blogging and working a lot of DIY projects around the house, so I requested a little workbench of my own.  We’ll just say that it’s probably better if we don’t have to share tools or space.  We’ll just say that…we organize things….differently.

I have a lot of ideas for things to do.  For example, here’s the leftover barn wood (fir) from our floor.

I have soooo many ideas for projects with this wood!

The first step was to get the wood for the bench.

Since it was wider than what we needed, we had to rip it down the length.  That way, we would have a work surface (not too deep) as well as a bench for storage underneath.

Then we had to get the walls ready to attach the bench to.  This first involved cleaning all of the junk stuff out of the way.  Then we attached 2 by 4 pieces all along the walls to act as supports.  For our house, because we used ICF styrofoam blocks and concrete to build, that means we don’t have ‘studs’ like a stick frame construction house.  Instead, we have ‘webbing’ that you have to find behind certain marks on the styrofoam in order to bear weight.

We also used posts to support the fronts of the bench.

Very, very carefully, we then lifted the shelf part of the workbench up onto its supports on the wall and put the posts (cut to size) under.  Used brackets and a lot of screws to attach everything nice and secure.

Then the top portion of the shelf went up.

But, the best part, for me anyway, was my own, much deeper workspace at the end of the garage.  We thought deeper so that I would have more room when I paint furniture or get into whatever mess I am making at that point!

Come back to see what we did behind the benches (yes, those flimsy and ugly shelves got the boot) and to see the finished garage and one happy husband!


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