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Island Cubby Decorating Time

In our kitchen, we have a big island made out of the same Ikea cabinets as the rest of the kitchen.  We loooove our Idea cabinets.  The only problems was that, since I wanted mostly big drawers in the island for storage, rather than actual cupboard space, we were left with a gap in the front where the drawers did not meet up…

We solved the problem by using some of the finishing pieces that you can get with your cupboards and creating a little cubby in the front of the island out of that space, that I could put something pretty in.

Here it is, off to the left, with a juice jug full of pussywillows.

See, the problem is, living in a tiny trailer for so many years, the need to really decorate, or arrange anything, just for beauty’s sake, was a bit of a moot point.  If Shaun gave me flowers, they sat on the table, with my sewing machine usually, until they were wilted.  To have specific little areas that are meant just to decorate…. it’s kind of hard for me to get my head around, and, truthfully, is something I’m not great at yet.  No practice!  It’s been all function no form so far for us- I’m still getting used to it!

What I know for sure about it is that I will absolutely be using nature as my inspiration.  One of the best parts about living in Alberta is our change in seasons.  I love the transition from one to another.  Right now, in the fall, we have cattails all around our house.  My brother and mom cut some for me.

You can see that I have my seasons mixed up here.  Pussywillows for spring.  Summery lemon juice jug.  And cattails for fall.

I’m on it.  Next week, hopefully later this week, I’ll have something more autumnal to show you.  And hopefully that dirt will be vacuumed up as well.

I hate to be thematically confused!

Oh well!  We have been working verrrrry hard on a huge outdoor project.  We need to get it done before the ground freezes up too hard at night (we are already getting frost here) and the snow flies!

Hopefully I can show you that next week as well.  And then catch up on the rest of my little projects… and catch up on my housework… and decorating practice…

Sunglasses Holder

If your family is anything like our family, the mudroom/ entry/ back door is often a disastrous mess.

Kinda like this.

I mean, it doesn’t look too disastrous actually.  But it’s not user friendly either.  My purse goes here.  My husband’s wallet.  All of our keys, phone, sunglasses, umbrellas apparently…Trust me, you don’t even want to know what else is in that basket.

It was getting to be quite the mess, and we were always losing our sunglasses, which, considering I had always bought 10 dollar ones, wasn’t such a big deal.  But then I bought prescription sunglasses.  And I didn’t want them shoved in a basket with keys and an umbrella.  So basically I was just really grouchy about where they went and who touched them.  Until I found this post on the cool sewing blog Etcetorize.  She made the cutest little sunglasses holder!

What an excellent idea.

So I set to work building one for our house.

First I measured the chunk of wall above the cupboard-by-the-back-door where I wanted it to sit.  Between the thermostat and the edge of the wall.  Cut two pieces of my trusty painter’s drop cloth the size I wanted, and then twisted pieces of twine to make the rows that the sunglasses would slip over (my size worked best with three rows), and then pinned them good sides together and sewed.

Then I added 4 little twine ties at the top so that I could hang the whole thing on a stick.  You can see one of the sunglass “rows” in there.

And here it is finished.

And here it is up on the wall.  Much, much better!

I used a little root twig to tie the twine around.  Stay tuned to see if I get brave enough to hang those Ikea baskets on the wall next to it, or whether they will get moved to make room, for, perhaps, a sisal rope bowl…

The back entry is still a work in progress, but one little step at a time, right?

Runner Out of Rugs

We decided to put hardwood in most of the house.  Except for the front and back entrances and the bathrooms, every room has old barn wood flooring.  We really debated having it in the kitchen.  We are a family with a young son and busy lives, and we don’t have time for things to be too precious.  Hardwood in the kitchen?  Would it get wrecked too easily?

So far, everything has been fine.  I did, however, want a runner for the area in front of the sink and dishwasher as this was the area that water dripped on it the most.  See the one in the picture?  It’s not really a runner.

I couldn’t find one that would fit.  That didn’t cost a bundle.

So…I took 2 Ikea rugs (I think they were 5 bucks each) and placed them there side by side.  The problem was, they were always, always crooked.  Love the rolled up edges and the tag, too.

So here is what I did.

I pinned them together and then just sewed.  I thought it might be too thick for my machine, but it wasn’t a problem at all.  I just gave it a few goes back and forth really reinforcing the ends.  Ironed those pesky corners.

Here’s what they look like now.

Much better!  Now we can drip away without being worried about the hardwood.

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