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Spring Mantel

Technically, it is spring tomorrow.

This is what it still looks like in our backyard.

The bigger the snow jump…

…the more air you get.

So, while the weather outside is not terribly spring-like, I still found some lovely inspiration, found here, and came up with this for the spring mantel.

A few willow branches, a few antlers, some moss, ferns, and a couple of chicks.  Don’t forget the tulips.

The moss stones, bucket, and Spanish moss in the vase were dollar store finds.

I had the chicks from last year’s Easter wreath.

And I couldn’t help but buy myself some tulips.

The splash of color brightens everything up.

But the overall effect is still neutral- which is my favorite.

I hope you like my spring mantel!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has done for spring.

I am linking up on these fine blogs.

Spring Mantel Inspiration

I love the anticipation of waiting for spring to arrive.

In Alberta, after a long, hard winter, we need to see some green, growing things!

I was excited the other day when I saw that there was another series of blog parties celebrating the arrival of spring.

Even though it won’t actually arrive here for another month or so at least (usually the beginning of May is when the trees leaf out), we can start to make the insides of our homes start to look like spring.

Here are some inspiring spring mantels.

I love the contrast of the green with the white with the dark chalkboard and wood.

This one is similar in feel, but with a mirror instead of a chalkboard and the addition of a ladder and some clocks.
I love that this one is a little wilder looking.  Branchy.  And we have a lot of branches around here.  So very do-able.
But some colour might be nice.  Not might be.  Would be.  Absolutely.
Branchy and colourful both.
Have you started thinking about spring for your home?
I am going to start working on the spring mantel soon, but first I’m going to go outside and take pictures of my son snowboarding down the backyard hill onto and over the jump he built with the snow we still have.
This is not a metaphor.

Rustic Holiday Mantel

A couple of days ago, we finally finished our antler wreath and got it hanging above the mantel.  My Christmas dreams of a white antler wreath came true!

So it really and truly was the centerpiece of the mantel for Christmas.

But I did add a few little things.  The paper trees I made.

A little greenery in the way of some spruce branches goes nicely in the bottles we found buried in the woods behind our house (which we then painted).

Makes the house smell like Christmas, too.

A little rust in the background with some pinecones and an old coal oil lamp.

Our tree is very traditional so I like that the colours on the mantel are subdued.

Of course, it is really all about the white antlers, though.

I’m Dreaming of Some…White Antlers

Alternately titled

“398 Ways to Get Your Husband to Agree to You Painting Some of his Precious Antlers White”

I confess myself, a while back, surprised, when I started to see people using antlers in their home design.  Home design that I liked, that is.  I thought that the only way to use antlers in your home was like this.

Which is fine.  Just not really my style.  My husband and I already had an agreement that all of his antlers remain where they belonged- in the garage.

Then I started to see images like this.


And this.


And this.


And this.


And most especially this.


Once I finished drooling over said images, I had to eat some of my previous words and concede that, yes, antlers were beautiful, and yes, I wanted, nay, needed some in the house.

I realize that using antlers for decorating is probably going to become something akin to using heavily flowered swags to match your heavily flowered bedspread circa 1989… but we do live in the woods.  And my husband is a hunter.  And our house is a totally rustic lodge style bungalow.

I think, for us, this trend is here to stay.

So, using some of the antlers we had available to us, we made this one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but right away I knew, just knew, that I wanted to paint the antlers and maybe the barnboard behind them.  The antlers white and the board the colour of the wall.  I wanted it to look like the antlers were just floating there.

The problem was, we used real antlers, not resin copies.  This means our wreath is heavy.  Very heavy.  And while having a nice mantel is important to me, I don’t want anyone impaled by a falling antler wreath.  Those sorts of things can really ruin a family dinner.

Plus, my husband was not a fan of painting the antlers.  At all.

So I began my subtle, yet relentless, pursuit of getting my own way.  Basically I asked about 398 times if we could pleaaaase paint the antlers.  And if he could pleaaaase find a way to make them hang without the boards (I did paint them and it still didn’t look right to me).

So my long-suffering and patient husband took out his drill and drilled holes in the antlers in order to screw them all together from behind (previously they were just hot glued) so it would hang by itself and stay together supporting its own weight.  Then I painted (yay!) with ASCP, which will, apparently, cover anything.  Then he found a 100 pound picture hanger and put the thing up.  It took most of one of his rare days off as he had problems finding a stud and then there was a small incident with a falling rusty star and something about the wall being scraped up and needing repainting….

But it looks beautiful.

And he likes it too.  Probably he mostly likes that I’ve stopped talking about it…he’s a very, very good guy.

My white antler Christmas dreams have come true!

Here’s to hoping that all of your crazy, crafty Christmasy dreams come true as well!

I’m sharing with Kate for her Holiday Crafts party, and you can see more pictures of the antler wreath when I share with Rhoda’s Merry Mantelsparty.

The House- Rustic Hardwood Floors

The house posts have been put on hold for the last couple of weeks- sorry about that.  The realities of back to school and blogging were catching up with me.

If you missed out on house updates, you can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here.  All of the from-the-ground-up to framing-wiring-plumbing type stuff.

But now the fun stuff began.  Finally!!!

Although some of the painting was pretty gosh darn fun!

Here it is before it is even finished- just the bare wood.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Actually, when it first arrived, it was scary looking- different colours and lengths and widths- it looked pretty awful.  But it looks gorgeous down.  It has nail holes, saw marks, oil covered boot prints, and old barn paint on it, too.  It’s hardwood for our real life.  You can’t hurt it.  It’s rustic and tough and beautiful.  You can see our fireplace and mantle finished in this shot as well.  No trim on the windows yet, though.

My dream was to have a nice big hearth to sit on and a mantel to decorate.  The mantel is a big piece of cedar that was one of the logs my uncle brought back from BC for his log house.  My Grandpa cut it on his planer and it didn’t ever get used so they gave it to us for our fireplace.  It makes me think about my Grandpa every time I see it.

Here is the upstairs hall during the finishing painting and trimming stage.  Floor is unfinished at this point.

And here is the same hallway after we moved in with the floors finished.

Next week, I’ll begin giving room tours of our new house on our usual house Thursdays.  We’ll start with my son’s room.  It’s so awesome.

See you then!


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