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The House- Rustic Hardwood Floors

The house posts have been put on hold for the last couple of weeks- sorry about that.  The realities of back to school and blogging were catching up with me.

If you missed out on house updates, you can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here.  All of the from-the-ground-up to framing-wiring-plumbing type stuff.

But now the fun stuff began.  Finally!!!

Although some of the painting was pretty gosh darn fun!

Here it is before it is even finished- just the bare wood.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Actually, when it first arrived, it was scary looking- different colours and lengths and widths- it looked pretty awful.  But it looks gorgeous down.  It has nail holes, saw marks, oil covered boot prints, and old barn paint on it, too.  It’s hardwood for our real life.  You can’t hurt it.  It’s rustic and tough and beautiful.  You can see our fireplace and mantle finished in this shot as well.  No trim on the windows yet, though.

My dream was to have a nice big hearth to sit on and a mantel to decorate.  The mantel is a big piece of cedar that was one of the logs my uncle brought back from BC for his log house.  My Grandpa cut it on his planer and it didn’t ever get used so they gave it to us for our fireplace.  It makes me think about my Grandpa every time I see it.

Here is the upstairs hall during the finishing painting and trimming stage.  Floor is unfinished at this point.

And here is the same hallway after we moved in with the floors finished.

Next week, I’ll begin giving room tours of our new house on our usual house Thursdays.  We’ll start with my son’s room.  It’s so awesome.

See you then!

Curio Cabinet

One of the items we received from my in-laws for our housewarming gift was an art deco type curio cabinet.  We hauled it home along with a few other items and some supplies for our garage revamp project.

We were in desperate need of a sideboard for our eating area, and it was perfect.

Well, not perfect.  Here it is before.

A little bit on the beat up side.  A little bit on the orange side.

But it had great lines and details.

And we loved the doors.

So I had big plans for it with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I decided on Old White for the outside with Primer Red interior.

The painting started out ok, but we had a disaster part way through when, during the crazy garage revamp extravaganza, along with doing about six other projects in the garage at the same time, one of the doors got broken!

Of course it was the one I already had put a coat of paint on.  So…. we decided that it would be impossible to match the pattern exactly, so we took the doors to a glass shop and had the glass in both doors replaced.  Then hubs got to work replicating the pattern and painting it on.

We had the glass shop save the unbroken glass and he painstakingly traced the pattern onto the new glass using painter’s tape which he then cut out using a razor.

The tape then got peeled off, carefully, after about 4 coats of the Annie Sloan in Primer Red on the glass.  A little more work to touch up…

Meanwhile, the rest of the painting was going smoothly, thank goodness!

Both interior and exterior took two coats of paint.  This is after only one on the inside.

I also recovered the cloth in the little silverware case built in at the top of the cabinet.  It was a kind of hideous blue velvet to begin with.

So I took it all apart, repainted the dividers, and recovered the base.

Painter’s drop cloth, of course.

Here it is all finished and beautiful…

The lovely shape and detailing on the curio made it perfect to catch all of that dark wax.  I waxed first with the clear and then used a mix of dark and clear to give it some texture.  It’s really easy to darken or lighten to your heart’s content if you use the clear first.

A little distressing on the edges…

The top is too pretty to even have to put anything on.  Good thing.  Vignettes aren’t my strong suit (yet!).

The recovered silverware cubby.

The painstakingly repainted doors.  I think they were worth it!

And there you have it!  Orange and blue and DIY disaster to vintage beauty!

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Garage Signs

To finish off garage week, I am going to share the projects that my son and I completed for our Father’s Day presents.  Yes- we finished them in August.  Father’s Day is in June.  I got a little behind this year….

We decided to make them signs for their garages since they are always being put to work in them repairing bikes tires, chains, flats, blowing up tubes, cutting wooden swords, doing DIY things for their wives, etc…

We found some images we liked, some lettering we liked, and came up with a slogan we liked and then got to work (after Daddy cut out his own present shape out of some leftover shelving material- an MDF but thicker product- from the house build).

Primed it with plastic primer and then gave it a rough coat of red for the base coat so that they would look antique.

The dog decided to help by walking in the paint lid and then on the garage floor.

Thanks for your help, Poncho.

Next we got out our old trusty overhead projector to trace the graphics and lettering onto the sign.

A few hours of tracing and then painting with craft paint (many layers to look antiqued) and then a layer of Annie Sloan wax (dark and clear mixed) and we were done!

One for Grandpa.

And one for Daddy.  See that one on Monday!  Happy weekend everyone.

Sewing Desk

We were given some antiques by my husband’s parents a few weeks back for our housewarming gift from them.  A gorgeous smoking table (see here if you are wondering what the heck that is), a curio cabinet, and an old desk.

I had big plans for the desk.  Which included a little meeting with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to get rid of the fake wood panelling paint job that someone had done on it.  Why?  Why would anyone do that?

You can see the top was pretty worn, too.  So my plan was to use my AS in Country Grey and then stain the top.

Here it is finished.  I took it all apart and sprayed the hardware and handles.

I love this paint.

Then I painted the whole thing with one coat (one!!!!!) of ASCP in Country Grey.  Waxed it in clear and then put a little of the dark wax on in places.  Sanded and stained the top and slide out extension, and that was it!

It gives it great texture.

But this desk isn’t all about looks.  It has many hidden surprises.

A drawer to file paper.  Or, in my case, probably felt or material.

I’ll probably use the pen drawer for fabric markers and sewing notions I use all the time.  My pins, tape measure, seam ripper.  Seam ripper…  gotta keep that handy!

On the left, the bank of drawers is actually a cupboard door front which opens to this.  A slide out extension.  You pull it out.

And the mechanism behind allows it to do this.

I think this was originally meant for your typewriter.

Now I know there are a lot of talented decorator/ bloggers out there who would have taken pictures of this desk styled to the hilt.  And it would have looked beautiful.  But this desk, for me, is becoming my sewing table.  It is going in a little craft room I have.  It is basically a big closet in our spare bedroom.

Lots of room for a desk.  And these awesome shelves.

Yes.  That’s a big roll of rawhide.  Doesn’t everyone have a stash of this?  And yes, my shelves need major organization.  That another post (or 2 or 3).

I love my little craft room.  It makes me happy.  And this desk is so much better than our old kitchen table, which is what I was using before.

So…. this is how I’m going to decorate my new/ antique sewing desk.  With my Grandma’s sewing machine that’s gone a million miles for me.

And with her mom’s, my great-grandma’s, white chair.

If anyone calls, I’ll be in my sewing room.  Messing around with the seam ripper…

Barn Farm Western

Ooooh.  This one was made for us.

We have quite a few things around the house that qualify for Donna’s latest Saturday Nite Special on Barn, Farm, and Western things.  Some of the items from last week’s post on Funky Junk Inspiration would work.


The double boiler we use for wood.  Every farm had one of these at one point.

Or how about this?

An oil burning lamp was always on hand, too.

Or this

Wool blankets were essential as well.  Western, no?  Yes.  But around here, we call that sort of style Aboriginal.  Because my husband and son are just that.

A modern version of an oil-burning lamp.

And remember my grandma who used to write poetry for us all?  Well.  She was a painter too.  All the grandkids got to choose the painted cream can they wanted from her.  And I chose this.  Cream cans used to litter the farms.  Now people use them to decorate.  We have a couple more rusting away in our shed.  I may work up the nerve to paint one, one day.  Or I may bring a rusty one in and leave it as is.

How about a stump end table?  A sheepskin?

But probably the most barn/ farm/ western thing in our house is this.

The Navajo pattern couches?  Yes.  The farm table and benches?  Yes.  But, I think the old barn wood flooring takes first place.  It even has patches of old red barn paint on it.  Nail holes and impressions.  Saw marks.  Old boot prints in oil.  We love it.

So if anyone can figure out how to make one of those wooden barn stars- I’m in.  We love barn, farm, and western/ Aboriginal around here.  I guess you can probably tell.

Just wait.  I haven’t even started with the pile of antlers in the garage…

Pottery Barn Inspired Charge Station

Like every other family, we are often overwhelmed at our house (well, I am anyway) by the tangle of cords and mess and components that we need to keep all of our toys charged.

Enter the Pottery Barn Daily System.  I have spent hours drooling over this collection of organizational gems.  Hours.  It’s probably unhealthy.

One of my favourites is the charging station.  What a great idea this thing was.

So I have been thinking for a long time about how to try and replicate it.  This is what I came up with.  I had a wine crate that I was going to use for towel storage (or something)- meaning I didn’t need the very cool insert.

Once I took the insert out of the crate, it really reminded me of the recharge station.

So I took the Dremel and made some little grooves in the back of the insert for cords.  I did this because I wanted it to sit flush against the wall and needed room for the cords to hang down.

Ok.  So that’s not me doing it.  But it was me telling him what to do.  And that was to put a couple of grooves on the top row, and three on the bottom (just to leave a lot of room for additional cords that we may want to put in there).

Once we had that done, I slid the pieces apart and sanded and painted.

Of course I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  Old White.  And then I reassembled and up onto the wall it went.

Yes.  We have walkie-talkies.  Two sets, actually.  And yes, those are rocks on the bottom.  Who says it all has to be electronic?

I sewed a piece of drop cloth with velcro on the back to gather up all the cords and also used drop cloth to make tags to label the cords.  We each have our own little spots.

Hanging on the laundry room wall by our back door, it has made keeping track of cords and components soooo much easier.  We have gone from this-

To this-

I love it!  So grab whatever you have handy in your house and make yourself a recharge station.  You will be glad you did.

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