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ALWaYs In STylE- SPriNg ShOppInG SprEe

This past Friday, which marked the first day of spring break for me (yahoo!), I may or may not have gone shopping with my mom.  And really, really celebrated.

And I may or may not have gotten a little carried away…

…it may or may not have involved new snakeskin pumps and cork wedges with gold cloth…

…and new Neon Buddha ‘Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ pants and a black, drapey cotton dress…

…and plaid shorts and a navy and white striped t-shirt with a boat neck and tie waist…

…ok, ok, and a skirt that can also be worn as a top.

I wish I could say that everything was a steal, but, to be honest, it is all new spring stuff, and none of it was even close to being on sale.

That being said, I do not have even one pair of pumps, and I have been wanting some for, literally, years.  And I’m a teacher.  I should have been wearing pumps with my bun everyday!

And I have been wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts for the last 5 years.  No exaggeration there, either.

And the shirt, shoes, and dresses are all items I will wear to work and at home for, probably, years.  They are good quality and will last, and that’s how I am with my clothes.  I buy pretty classic pieces and wear and wear and wear them.

And I had a really fun day with my mom.  She found some things too, and the town we went to was a 2 hour drive (our town has a serious lack of options for shopping) so we had a nice visit, fun shopping, a yummy lunch, and an all around good day.  And that’s kinda priceless.

So there.

Here’s a shot of items that are pretty close to what I ended up with.

Have a great week, everyone!

The Spirit of Christmas

…is this really great store in Banff that sells, year round, beautiful Christmas ornaments, trees, and decorations.

My husband was a really good sport last weekend and we wandered around in this wonderful place for a good long while.  He thought this one was a little Charlie Brown already.  Hey, why not just start there?

This store is huge with 3 floors and many, many little areas divided into themes and colours.

I love the white feather trees.

And the upside down tree.

And the beautiful silver tree.

But my favourite area, of course, was where we found the rustic tree and decorations.

The skis speak to the Norwegian in me.

I think these little trees could possible be a DIY project in the near future.

Love the Scandinavian St. Nick.

Birds are one of my favourite holiday decorations.  We don’t have them out at other time of year, but at Christmas we do.

This store was so much fun to look around in.  If you ever go to Banff, don’t miss it!

Turning 40

This past weekend marked a pretty big milestone for me- my 40th birthday!

So to celebrate, my husband took me to Banff.

This drive never fails to leave me awestruck.
This is the reserve where my husband’s family is from.  What a view!
And then, the only thing better than the mountains…. mountains and shopping!
I’ll tell you tomorrow how much trouble I got into here.
After a gorgeous drive, fun shopping afternoon, wonderful grown-up sit down meal, soak in the hot springs, and a day with my husband, I am ready for the next 40!

Red Chalk Paint Pantry Door

I am notorious for forgetting things.  I have lists and scraps of paper and stickies on my computer screen.  I have notes on my iPhone.  I have numerous coil journals.

I still forget what I’m doing a lot of the time sometimes.  Who has time to do things twice?  Or more?

And, to top it all off, I. hate. running. errands.  My husband is the one who will, cheerfully, at any given moment, run uptown for whatever it is we need.  I pout if I have to go to the grocery store.  Even more for the bank, etc.  You get the idea.

So I knew when we moved into our house that I wanted a chalkboard in the kitchen to help keep track of things we needed.  We live in a small town and it is an hour from the nearest Costco, so we have to somehow keep track of things we need for the city trips, too.

Welcome to the pantry.  Before shot.

Pantry door- meet my friend, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  In Primer Red.

First coat.  Yikes!

After the second coat.

It was still a little bit blotchy, so I did a third coat and took off the tape.  Seasoned it with a bit of chalk and added my cute ‘groceries’ sign and that’s it!  Lots of room to write things down (as they are emptied from the pantry) and for multiple lists going at once.  I love it!

To do this project, you just need:

-something to paint to become your chalkboard

-painter’s tape/ drop cloth

-chalk paint or chalkboard paint

-paint brush

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