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Snow.  All day yesterday.  All night last night.  All day today.  So far all night tonight.

He is smiling because there were no buses running today and there probably won’t be for tomorrow, either.
Look at the piles of snow on the edge of our deck!!!  Our poor little Norwegian spruce is nearly buried!
I took a few more pictures and then played around with them in Pixlr as I guess I will have to get used to not using Picnik soon.  Sigh.
I was pretty happy.  Pixlr is way faster than Picnik, and while there aren’t as many options (although I didn’t take the time to explore everything), it can give you text and a nice frame as well as other effects.
 Does spring know it is supposed to be arriving in 3 weeks?

Winter Landscaping

We have already had schools canceled due to buses not running.  It’s one of the perks of living here- you get a snow day now and then.  We always let our son stay home even though the schools are still open (and I have to go).  If the buses don’t run, he gets to stay home.  That’s the deal.

We have had a lot of snow!

I can’t stop taking pictures of it.

Especially when the sun is rising and my son is still curled up by the fireplace all snug and my husband is home safely from work.

It sure makes for easy landscaping, doesn’t it?


Well, it snowed here again.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to show pictures every time it snows for the next 7 months.  But this was one of those really heavy, sticky snows that stayed on all of the trees.

It.  Is.  Gorgeous.

Kinda magical, don’t you agree?

Snowy Football

When football season started, it was still hot out.  Practices and games were sunny and often went well past 8 pm because it was so light out!  I even got pretty sunburned at one game in September.

That sort of weather is long gone now.  Practices are over before 6 now and the heat has disappeared.

My son’s Junior football team, the Rebels, were in provincials yesterday.  It snowed the night before.  A lot.

Here’s how the game went.

First, the field had to get cleared off.  With a skid steer.

Then, the kids played their hearts out.

See all those tough Canadians watching their kids?

Shaking hands after a heartbreaking loss.  The kids were glad to go in and eat pizza, though!

Done with football now until spring training.


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