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The House- Rustic Hardwood Floors

The house posts have been put on hold for the last couple of weeks- sorry about that.  The realities of back to school and blogging were catching up with me.

If you missed out on house updates, you can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here.  All of the from-the-ground-up to framing-wiring-plumbing type stuff.

But now the fun stuff began.  Finally!!!

Although some of the painting was pretty gosh darn fun!

Here it is before it is even finished- just the bare wood.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Actually, when it first arrived, it was scary looking- different colours and lengths and widths- it looked pretty awful.  But it looks gorgeous down.  It has nail holes, saw marks, oil covered boot prints, and old barn paint on it, too.  It’s hardwood for our real life.  You can’t hurt it.  It’s rustic and tough and beautiful.  You can see our fireplace and mantle finished in this shot as well.  No trim on the windows yet, though.

My dream was to have a nice big hearth to sit on and a mantel to decorate.  The mantel is a big piece of cedar that was one of the logs my uncle brought back from BC for his log house.  My Grandpa cut it on his planer and it didn’t ever get used so they gave it to us for our fireplace.  It makes me think about my Grandpa every time I see it.

Here is the upstairs hall during the finishing painting and trimming stage.  Floor is unfinished at this point.

And here is the same hallway after we moved in with the floors finished.

Next week, I’ll begin giving room tours of our new house on our usual house Thursdays.  We’ll start with my son’s room.  It’s so awesome.

See you then!

Dreamcatcher Wreath

I made a dreamcatcher out of my wreath this fall.

I used twine to make the dreamcatcher part and then added some stone buttons that my husband made for me on his tile saw.  I used a drill and tiny bit to make the holes.

It’s not very traditionally fall-like, but it is rustic and different and it suits our house.  I love it.

How did your wreath projects go?  Can’t wait to see them.

Happy Fall everyone!

I’m linking to The Nester’s “I Made A Wreath Out of What?” party.

House Post- Starting to Finish?

The house saga began here and continued on here, here, here, and here.  At this point in time, the outside is to lock up stage and we have been inside working on plumbing, electrical, and drywall.  I hated this stage!!!  Things went soooooo slowly.  Whereas before, every day after work there was something new to see, now there was only more plumbing or electrical.  Not exactly a thrill.  Important, yes.  Exciting, no.  Quick?  Definitely no.

For the outside of the house, we decided on a pretty heavy gauge metal roof (see hailstorm post here).  You won’t believe how we chose the colour.  Our contractor was on his way to our nearest city and thought it would be great to order/ pick up the roof then.  So, over the phone, and through my husband, he let me know that we needed to choose our colour.  Now.  No, I didn’t have samples.  We chose it online!  Yikes!  It was a gamble, but it paid off.  We loved it.  I don’t recommend this method of choosing your colour of roofing for your dream home, however.

We also wanted a kind of rustic feel for the outside of the house- like a lodge.  So, to go with the metal roof, we chose vinyl for the upper half of the roof that look like wooden shakes and decided to stucco the bottom half of the house.

You can see the roof and the vinyl shakes here.  We also decided to put some stonework on a few key areas at the front of the house- corners and at the front entry.  You can see some of that and the scratch coat of the stucco here.

We still have the scratch coat and probably won’t finish the stucco until next year.  But we do have a new rock retaining wall and stone patio to share with you soon.  So the front is starting to look a little more finished (bye-bye blue pallet front step).

But I’m still trying to get brave enough to paint that front door…


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