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The House- Rustic Hardwood Floors

The house posts have been put on hold for the last couple of weeks- sorry about that.  The realities of back to school and blogging were catching up with me.

If you missed out on house updates, you can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here.  All of the from-the-ground-up to framing-wiring-plumbing type stuff.

But now the fun stuff began.  Finally!!!

Although some of the painting was pretty gosh darn fun!

Here it is before it is even finished- just the bare wood.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Actually, when it first arrived, it was scary looking- different colours and lengths and widths- it looked pretty awful.  But it looks gorgeous down.  It has nail holes, saw marks, oil covered boot prints, and old barn paint on it, too.  It’s hardwood for our real life.  You can’t hurt it.  It’s rustic and tough and beautiful.  You can see our fireplace and mantle finished in this shot as well.  No trim on the windows yet, though.

My dream was to have a nice big hearth to sit on and a mantel to decorate.  The mantel is a big piece of cedar that was one of the logs my uncle brought back from BC for his log house.  My Grandpa cut it on his planer and it didn’t ever get used so they gave it to us for our fireplace.  It makes me think about my Grandpa every time I see it.

Here is the upstairs hall during the finishing painting and trimming stage.  Floor is unfinished at this point.

And here is the same hallway after we moved in with the floors finished.

Next week, I’ll begin giving room tours of our new house on our usual house Thursdays.  We’ll start with my son’s room.  It’s so awesome.

See you then!

Barn Farm Western

Ooooh.  This one was made for us.

We have quite a few things around the house that qualify for Donna’s latest Saturday Nite Special on Barn, Farm, and Western things.  Some of the items from last week’s post on Funky Junk Inspiration would work.


The double boiler we use for wood.  Every farm had one of these at one point.

Or how about this?

An oil burning lamp was always on hand, too.

Or this

Wool blankets were essential as well.  Western, no?  Yes.  But around here, we call that sort of style Aboriginal.  Because my husband and son are just that.

A modern version of an oil-burning lamp.

And remember my grandma who used to write poetry for us all?  Well.  She was a painter too.  All the grandkids got to choose the painted cream can they wanted from her.  And I chose this.  Cream cans used to litter the farms.  Now people use them to decorate.  We have a couple more rusting away in our shed.  I may work up the nerve to paint one, one day.  Or I may bring a rusty one in and leave it as is.

How about a stump end table?  A sheepskin?

But probably the most barn/ farm/ western thing in our house is this.

The Navajo pattern couches?  Yes.  The farm table and benches?  Yes.  But, I think the old barn wood flooring takes first place.  It even has patches of old red barn paint on it.  Nail holes and impressions.  Saw marks.  Old boot prints in oil.  We love it.

So if anyone can figure out how to make one of those wooden barn stars- I’m in.  We love barn, farm, and western/ Aboriginal around here.  I guess you can probably tell.

Just wait.  I haven’t even started with the pile of antlers in the garage…

Runner Out of Rugs

We decided to put hardwood in most of the house.  Except for the front and back entrances and the bathrooms, every room has old barn wood flooring.  We really debated having it in the kitchen.  We are a family with a young son and busy lives, and we don’t have time for things to be too precious.  Hardwood in the kitchen?  Would it get wrecked too easily?

So far, everything has been fine.  I did, however, want a runner for the area in front of the sink and dishwasher as this was the area that water dripped on it the most.  See the one in the picture?  It’s not really a runner.

I couldn’t find one that would fit.  That didn’t cost a bundle.

So…I took 2 Ikea rugs (I think they were 5 bucks each) and placed them there side by side.  The problem was, they were always, always crooked.  Love the rolled up edges and the tag, too.

So here is what I did.

I pinned them together and then just sewed.  I thought it might be too thick for my machine, but it wasn’t a problem at all.  I just gave it a few goes back and forth really reinforcing the ends.  Ironed those pesky corners.

Here’s what they look like now.

Much better!  Now we can drip away without being worried about the hardwood.

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