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Holiday Home Tour

This is only the second year in our home.  Last year, we had just moved in September, and since I hosted Thanksgiving, and two Christmas family dinners, there really wasn’t a lot of time for anything other than just getting the tree up.

This year has been a little more relaxed.  I hosted Thanksgiving, but my brother is taking Christmas, and we are a bit more settled…so I had more time to think about these things.  Actually I’m not ready for Christmas at all (eeek!).  Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy decorating!  Meh.  You can’t have it all!

First, I made a few ornaments, using lovely tips and tricks from fellow bloggers.

This paper wreath sits on the open railing divider between the kitchen and the stairs.

Then, continuing with the paper theme, I made these little trees.

They were sitting on the little smoking table by the front entry,

but then I moved them to the mantle.

I think they go nicely with my white antler wreath.

As well as a few little rusty elements that we already had including the barn star

…and the lid from the copper boiler that we use for firewood.

Add in some pine cones and a coal oil lamp, some bottles spruced up with some spruce and twine…

and the Christmas mantle is complete!

Our tree resides beside the fireplace in the corner and is a very traditional kind of tree with a lot of blue and silver and red and green.  We are really attached to having all the different colours of lights as well.  Some year, I may buy a second tree for trendy decorating and all white lights, but this tree is special as it has decorations given to me by my mom from the past 30 years.  It has decorations made for me by my grandmothers and my son.  Each one tells a story and it is always a joy to put it up every year and remember them all.

Here’s a star made by my dad when he was a little boy alongside a vintage Santa and vintage painted red decorations.  The silver one is new.

It’s not really about a colour scheme or style.  These ribbon balls were crafts we did with my Grandma about 20 years ago.  I also like that, as a family, we have common ornaments.

She even embroidered ornaments for us.  This is traditional Norwegian embroidery called hardangar.

These cute little cork horses were another family craft with her.  She was a glue-gunnin’ machine long before her time!

Other decorations we have around are quite traditional as well.

Snowflakes on the window.

Greenery and snowflake candle holders.

A handmade little mouse.

And a little grassy deer.

Of course, here, Mother Nature takes care of decorating the outdoors.

You really cannot beat that.  Here is our house from the road.

And here is our front step decorated for Christmas.

The willow hoops on the door were a DIY disaster (post to come) that turned into something kind of cool anyway.  I just tied them together with ribbon.

I love the texture and colour of willow.

So much so that we just tied together big bunches of it and stuck them in the whiskey barrels on either side of the front door.  Old burlap covers the styrofoam that we used to help it stand up.

I hope you enjoyed our holiday home tour and wish you a very happy holiday!



Paper Wreath

With all of the beautiful paper wreaths I have been seeing, I couldn’t resist making one of my own.

Seeing as I had been given a discarded anthology of Shakespeare (don’t worry- it was completely falling apart and a lot of it was missing), I had a lot of paper to work with.

First I made paper trees.

Then I made a paper wreath.  There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to make this, so I won’t include instructions, but I will tell you that I used a paper plate for the backing and hot glued my taped cones onto it.  The cones took a while to get the hang of, actually.

I originally put it on the front door, until my husband nearly stabbed one of his eyes out on it.  So we put it up in the kitchen at a height where our eyes were safe.  Who knew paper wreaths were a hazard?

Dangerous, yet beautiful…

I’m making one for my mom next.

My third paper project was a big one…

Stay tuned for the reveal!

Antler Wreath Tutorial

Hey everyone!  Today I will show you how I (meaning “we” because my husband was certainly in on this one a few different ways) made the antler wreath that ended up on our fireplace mantel.

I found a lot of pretty antler wreaths on Pinterest.

Pinned Image




Some of these antler pieces can get pretty pricey.  Hundreds to even thousands of dollars.  So we decided to make our own.  Cause they are gorgeous.  And cause we have antlers lying all over the yard.  And the garage floor.

Something about this project of mine got my husband pretty darn excited (all these years the antlers have been decidedly not invited inside the house, you see).

Since I just needed the antler part, not the skull, Shaun then had to get to work with the saw.  Of course our son is all over watching that.  Dead animals.  Sharp tools.  Fun stuff.

After I had the antlers I needed, I worked on arranging them until I had the shape and size of wreath I wanted.  This proved to be very difficult and took the longest of any of the steps.  Here is version 3721.

Once I had finally made up my mind, I got out the glue gun and went to work.

Dramatic close-up of glue gun.  Yes, I moved everything onto the kitchen island and then had to cover the whole thing with newspaper to protect it from the glue.  And then I had to use tea towels to support the antlers so that they would stay in the position I wanted them in until the glue dried (antlers are tricky little things to work with- they like to move around…).

But at least I could watch that show about Alaskan hairdressers while I worked.

Actually, this worked against me, and I think I can blame that show a few times for burned fingers!

Once I had everything propped up properly, though, and my burning fingers under some cold water, the glue worked really well to hold them all together.

I let it dry overnight, and then Shaun nailed it up on some leftover boards from our floor.  He put a few little finishing nails all around the wreath so that each antler has its own support.  Because we used real antlers, it ended up being pretty heavy.

So here is our version of the antler wreath.

I can’t decide if I should paint the antlers white?  Or the boards?  What do you think?

I’m going to link up to Kate’s Fall Crafts Link Party on Tuesday.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s fall crafts!

Rustic Fall Mantel

I’m so excited to be showing everyone what we came up with for our fall mantel.  And to be linking up to Layla’s party!

We scavenged all around our yard, and our families’ yards, to find the materials to create our antler wreath…

the rusty banding to create the star…

and the old bottles (literally dug out of the ground) to spray white.

And we couldn’t have a mantel without our letter “B”.  Recovered in twine for the occasion.  And popping against my old copper boiler lid that I think is art.

I will be posting tutorials later on in the week for the antler wreath and the rusty star.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else did for their fall mantels.

Dreamcatcher Wreath

I made a dreamcatcher out of my wreath this fall.

I used twine to make the dreamcatcher part and then added some stone buttons that my husband made for me on his tile saw.  I used a drill and tiny bit to make the holes.

It’s not very traditionally fall-like, but it is rustic and different and it suits our house.  I love it.

How did your wreath projects go?  Can’t wait to see them.

Happy Fall everyone!

I’m linking to The Nester’s “I Made A Wreath Out of What?” party.


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